August 22nd, 2008 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

If you’ve never heard of the 30 Day Challenge before let me explain briefly. It’s a 30 day step by step guide to how to make money online. It’s run by a couple of successful Australian internet marketers (led by Ed Dale) and has been successful in launching several well known affiliate marketers careers. If you were following the Top Affiliate Challenge hoping to learn something and were left disappointed then this could be for you.

The course assumes no knowledge of internet marketing, websites, blogs or anything else and takes you through the whole process in your own time. Each day is accompanied by one or more videos, which deserve special mention of their own. In terms of production quality these are right up there with anything else that is available in e-tutoring. Besides the video lessons they have a few basic online tools that you can use as part of the learning process and one real gem, Market Samurai. This keyword research, content sourcing application is brilliant. Whilst it is still in early Beta by joining the 30 Day Challenge you get a 40 day free trial of all the features that will eventually be in the final paid software. I will be adding this to my webmaster software collection.

So in summary that’s excellent course material (genuinely there are some tips that I’d never seen before), top quality production and access to exclusive IM tools. How much you ask? Nothing. Nada. Nill. Zip. It’s 100% free. Create an account over at Thirty Day Challenge and login and that’s it, you’re good to go. You’ll not get spammed offers or anything else, there is no scam involved at all here. It’s just a very well put together 30 day course for teaching you how to go from nothing to earning “something” online. If you’re not already signed up at the 30 day challenge then I suggest you get over there now and do it. Trust me, it’s worth it just for 40 days free access to Market Samurai.