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Will this sort of crap never end:-

“I was just like you a few years ago search (sic) for something
legit online that was going to bring me an extra stream
of dough….”

1. I can promise you that you have never been anything like me, if you were you wouldn’t need to resort to spamming MMO crap to make a living.

2. I have NEVER seen anything “legit online that was going to make me an extra stream of dough” delivered via my inbox. Never ever ever. I’m prepared to wager £10 that I never will either.

And where does this amazing piece of e-mail marketing take you? To a page that tries to sell you with “All you need…is basic typing skills and internet access to start your own successful online business!” – Remember the affiliate spamming this crap says it’s legit!!! They are either thick or can’t grasp the concept of legit. You possibly could make “some” money (see Swagbucks or writing articles) but to stretch that to “your own successful online business” is a bit of a step too far.

It’s about as legit as my next business opportunity. “All you need is a white coat and sharpe knife and you too can make money by being a brain surgeon.” (You can’t by the way, but don’t let that stop me selling you your sharpe knife for the bargain price of just $197)

The really annoying thing is that there are still large numbers of people falling for this rubbish, every single MMO “expert” has pushed a concept in that last 12-18 months that revolves around building a mailing list then sending offers to them as a great way of making money. In order for this to work there have to be enough suckers out there who do actually give in on the 3rd or 4th or whatever e-mail.

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate uses for list marketing, I was list marketing in-house for one of the large online bookmakers before people like Shoemoney and John Chow had made their first dollar online. A long time before companies like Aweber and Constant Contact even existed. More recently a real estate friend has had great success utilizing a mailing list. But these were legitimate businesses. They didn’t entice people onto their e-mail list by giving away free (it took me 5 minutes to write) reports or other gimmicks just so that they could spam them endless links. Nor did they get into a circle jerk and start mutually masturbating offers to each others lists. You see there is nothing wrong with keeping in touch with a list of people that choose to let you contact them, however this is a world away from the “legitimate” online business that so many MMO gurus are trying to get people involved in right now by flogging $997 courses on how to build a list. I have no doubt that the cock-knocker who sent me the original quote in this post is a student of one such course and actually believes they are running a legitimate online business. You’re not, you’re sending junk to peoples inboxes.