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If you’ve been hanging around my Twitter or RSS feed then this is probably the post you’ve been waiting for. After a couple of years of being beat up I’ve finally seen the light and found a way of getting top rankings in Google after the Penguin/Panda updates.

It’s actually a really simple process and one that I can’t claim to have found myself, it’s more a case of A LOT of analyzing what is going on around my own websites. Of course it depends on the competition but for any medium competition phrases or lower this is a sure fire winner. Without anymore fuss here you go:-

1. Exact Match Domain (Keep it .com or .net) – Works wonders and without any further promotion is the main ingredient in hitting the top spot.

2. Rip Off Existing Top Content – Find out what is ranking top and take the bulk of the content from that page. When I say take I literally mean copy and paste. You know the balance is right because it’s already ranking top. Your page will be better because it’s not full of none related nonsense, like extra navigation links etc

3. Do No Promotion – DO NOT TRY AND BUILD ANY LINKS. I’m serious, attempting any sort of SEO on a page on your own domain is simply asking for quick trouble, your page will get indexed. You can Spam the hell out of Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter etc profiles without any problems, you will not outrank an EMD but you can still hover around the front page of Google using this technique.

4. Forget The Social Networks – By this I mean don’t worry about creating social profiles for your new EMD domain “business”. Social proof, proof of a “real business” are not needed. You can do it to try and get extra rankings but it will not help your primary domain in any way, shape or form.

5. Rinse and repeat the above process for all the keywords you want to rank for, 1 domain per search phrase.

The worst part of this entire post is that I’m not being tongue in cheek, this really works, I have tried it and it really is as simple as that. The only problem comes in that your rankings “may” be short lived (a couple of months), however I’ve also seen similar pages hold their rankings for 12 months+ and still going strong. This isn’t a major problem if you can tie in your ranking with a nice offer to promote. At $8 a domain the ROI on doing this can be massive with the bonus of on-going traffic from the other search engines even if Google chucks you out (If Google bins you then basic SEO will see you alright with Bing and Yahoo).

It’s also at this point that I’ll be bowing out from the Internet Marketing/SEO industry. Frankly unless you are a multi-million pound business with enough budget to keep Google on side via Adwords then you are always at risk from these sorts of tactics. What I didn’t mention above is that there is a good chance of the original content ending up with a penalty, you gain and they lose. In order to succeed you will need to be pumping out lots of EMDs filled with duplicate ripped off content. This is not something I want to have anything to do with, no matter how profitable it may be.