July 11th, 2013 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Got an e-mail a few months back about all the great things Synnd were doing, including a special offer price so I thought I’d give it a 3 month trial. Big mistake.

After 1 month the 2 sites I pointed it at were both very much penalised so I had a bit of a debate over e-mail with one of the support guys, he was determined it was nothing to do with them and that they don’t “build links”. Also that I had been doing some dodgy link building because their SEO guru told them that after some analysis. There were some bad links but absolutely nothing artificial at all. Looking at a few other factors (a site wide forum link from a 3rd party) I was happy to concede that there could be other factors involved and carry on with the original plan using it for promoting Youtube videos, social profiles etc – it made no difference to their traffic or rankings. Zero. In month 2 and a bit I pointed it at another of my own webpages, almost instant deindexing from Google this time with no mitigating factors. Dozens of Twitter links appearing in Webmaster tools from my Twitter promotion in Synnd, but they don’t build back links remember!

So I finally called it a bad job and cancelled yesterday to be told that my account will be deactivated on the 17th of this month but they will charge for a whole month anyway because that is there policy. The reason for this is that they are paying for support on the first of the month. I’m not sure if I understand this right but they are outsourcing support on a per customer basis, not at fixed cost or even a unit (call/support request) cost? Seems a strange way to operate. Most importantly the result of this is 4 months of Synnd Enterprise membership down, absolutely zero improvement to anything, the only 3 of my own sites I pointed Synnd at in a much worse state. Result!!!! Of course my results may not be typical and Synnd could be the best thing since sliced bread.

If it’s not obvious, I wouldn’t recommend that you give Synnd a try.

ps In case you were wondering I started this experiment before I decided to call it a day with internet marketing, see it as one last happy swan song that just needed to be shared 🙂