May 13th, 2013 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

Here’s the video from Matt Cutts but if you can’t be bothered listening to him ramble on I’ll give you the shortened version: Unless you are a very big website with lots of resources you are about to get your ass handed to you (again).

I had the great joy of waking up 3 days ago to a Google Analytics view that showed traffic on my last two Panda/Penguin proof, 100% original and no links ever built to them sites gone almost to zero. A quick look at the search results for some of their popular phrases shown people that have ripped off my content ranking above me now, I’m sure glad I spent 10 years building those sites up for people to “borrow” the content. But the May 2013 algorithm update is only a tiny preview of what is to come according to Matt, I can’t wait!!!