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I’ve been using Auto Traffic Buddy for almost 6 months now and although like everything else out there in Internet Marketing land you have to take the sales page with a pinch of salt it is actually quite a good system. I’m not going to go into detail here because I’ll be doing a proper review at some point but enough to say that it is effective in increasing organic traffic. However there is 1 thing you can definintely do to improve the effectiveness of the system.

The trouble is that the indexing rate for your network blogs can either be very sluggish or sometimes they aren’t indexed at all (in my experience anyway). Luckily they do provide you with a quick fix promotional tool called Traffic Launch Pad Pro which is very good at quickly getting content indexed, not so great for authority back linking but easily enough to get rid of that page rank unranked, none indexed status. Problem is (aren’t I full of problems today?) that you have to manually configure for submission, so if you have 100 network blogs on ATB that’s a hell of a lot of work (it’s still a lot of work if you’re adding 10 new network blogs each month). To make this easier I’ve built myself a simple spreadsheet that takes all of the hassle out of submitting my ATB network blogs through TLP Pro. The steps are really simple:-

1. Login to your Archon Central control panel and under “Blog Network” choose “List Blogs”
2. Click on the “B” Icon next to the group of blogs you wish to promote with TLP Pro, the list should expand to show your blogs
3. Use your cursor to highlight from the top left (1st blog name) to the bottom right (last blog date added) and then copy
4. Open up my formatting spreadsheet and use paste special, “Unicode Text” into the spreadsheets first 4 columns (A-D)
5. Column J in the spreadsheet will now automatically contain all the information in the correct format so you can copy and paste this into the “Enter URL” area of Traffic Launch Pad Pro.

Then it’s just a case of hitting the Start button to start submitting your ATB blogs to the various services. If you’re worried about such things you could use the schedule to limit the number of submissions each day but I just tend to do 1 blog group per day so that’s roughly 2 days each month when I get new credits on the ATB system. If you are concerned about over submission, or having your IP blocked then you’d be much better off using a proxy like Hide My Ass and schedule IP changes every hour or so than spreading submissions out over a whole month.

You can download the ATB Traffic Launch Pad Pro formatting spreadsheet here.