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I need some help here ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I’m looking to broaden my affiliate marketing horizons and I’m after a bit of good old fashioned honest feedback. Here’s some background:-

Affiliate marketing now accounts for a decent chunk of my income, my technique is very simple. I stick what I consider to be relevant (banner and text ) offers on some of my more popular pages and almost 100% rely on free organic traffic. It converts reasonably well (text always better than banner), put it this way the ROI is great! The trouble is that I only ever seem to be able to consistently convert on affiliate programs run by product authors. For example – I do very well out of Bet365 (when I’m not referring winners) and a few other bookies, ClickCash and a couple of well known software products, direct from author. I do OK out of ClickBank as well – not fantastic but OK. My trouble seems to be when it comes to promoting offers from the big CPA networks – namely Commission Junction and NeverBlueAds. My conversion is shit with these (with one exception of 1 offer with Commission Junction). It doesn’t seem to matter what offers I go for, my conversions compared to every other advert on that page seems to stink!

It got me thinking to perhaps broadening my horizons a bit and maybe try some of the newer networks. Of course you don’t have to search very far in the “Make Money Online” niche to see Market Leverage mentioned they are literally everywhere. The trouble is that because there are affiliate commissions at stake it’s hard to take recommendations at face value. Not that my research didn’t throw up some interesting info!

I have seen NeverBlueAds tracking questioned so many times that I can’t help but wonder. To be honest it is probably just me promoting the wrong stuff but what if…. Either way I should try some offers from a different network. I know that there are now a large number of CPA networks out there (PeerFly seeming to be the latest flavour of the month) but I can’t help feeling that Market Leverage seems to have the best reputation and should be my next port of call.

So have any of you had any experiences (good or bad) with Market Leverage? I’m especially interested in hearing the opinions of any organic traffic affiliate marketers out there, but all opinions are very welcome!