November 7th, 2012 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I’d be curious to know how much coverage the UK general elections get in the US, no more than a passing mention on a news broadcast I would imagine? The UK coverage of the presidential elections is a little more in-depth and having just had another spat with Sky and being limited to (limited) Freeview I decided to watch the results come in last night. The BBC and ITV both dedicated their main channels to all night broadcasts of this, and it’s with these foreign eyes that I think we owe a large debt of thanks to the American people.

There are some people that think all Americans are self centered ass holes, having been on cruises mainly made up of American guests I’m not one of these. Then yesterday they made the ultimate sacrifice, they are willing to have their economy disappear down the toilet in order to stop somebody who thinks the world starts at California and ends at Florida being in charge. Surely we should all be saying thanks for that? We’ve all avoided the potential for more wars, endless shit-for-brain statements and American involvement in every part of the world that they take a disliking for, and only at the expense of the dollar. Result! There you have it, proof that Americans can see the bigger picture and are prepared to vote based on the things that matter, policy, not just on personality or race. It’s not as if 95% of one demographic voted for somebody based on them just being in that same demographic is it?

The trick for me now is to move that 10% of my income that is earned and paid in dollars back to a currency that stands more chance of being worth something in 4 years, maybe the Chinese Yen or Indian Rupee? I have a feeling that in 4 years pretty much anything is going to be a better bet than the dollar. Just a gut feeling and I’d be happy to be proven wrong by anybody who thinks pouring billions of borrowed public money into the economy is the future.