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Because unless they are working for a major network with multiple advertisers (and on commission) all they care about is getting exposure for their employers brand. If I had $10 for everytime an e-mail that started like “hey man do you have Skype so we can talk through some things” ends with a conversation that includes me plastering my websites in as many of their useless, zero conversion idiotic banners as possible I’d be rich! Well maybe not rich but I’d have hundreds of dollars in my back pocket from just the last 3 months alone.

They don’t care if you don’t make money, they wan’t their banners in front of as many eyes as possible, whether relevant or not. Bad affiliate managers see the whole internet as nothing more than a giant billboard. One they can hopefully get for free. They don’t understand affiliate marketing, they certainly don’t understand that it could be somebody’s living. The vast majority I speak to seem to either be traditional marketing people who have been seconded to the affiliate management team or worse, kids straight from Uni who know how to “do” Google. It’s a shame because when a company invests in an affiliate department that actually understands the game from both points of view it can be a fantastic relationship. I love nothing more than getting an e-mail from my contact that starts with “you might want to try xxxx on your xxxx site, we’ve seen excellent conversion rates from this demographic”. You know, valuable information backed by some facts, not just “PUT OUR STUFF EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is part of the reason why I enjoy working with small local firms so much, it cuts out all the crap. A conversation that is as simple as “I’ll make you more money for a percentage of what I make you” seems to be far easier understood by a company owner. I can explain that there’s no point me advertising their services in front of people who have no interest in what they do. I’ve really struggled in the past to get that message through to some affiliate managers at some of the UKs biggest online companies. At the end of the day affiliate marketing is about making somebody else more money in return for something for yourself. If your affiliate manager can’t grasp that concept then just ignore them.