January 30th, 2011 Add Your Comments Bookmark and Share

I AM NOT CLICKBANK. I AM NOT CLICKBANK. I AM NOT CLICKBANK. I AM ALSO NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ADSENSE TREASURE OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT SOLD VIA CLICKBANK. Even with the big STOP notice on my contact form it seems that people still want to shout at me demanding their ClickBack refunds!

Even worse, the same people are stupid enough to enclose all sorts of payment details and personal information then submit it through an anonymous unsecured contact form on a website whose address has nothing to do with what they are requesting. I can’t even begin to explain how stupid and dangerous that is. Seriously you lot, STOP using the internet right now. Turn of your computer and don’t switch it on until you’ve read at least one real book (you know the type, made of paper) that explains the dangers of e-commerce and giving out personal details online. I am not some scammy scummer and I will just shred those e-mails but with the next contact form you decide to submit all your details to you might not get quite so lucky.

Even more annoying is the fact that if they even bothered to read my post about how I got a refund it explains the process they need to follow! Until I can come up with some smarter way of stopping this type of contact form spam I’m going to remove the contact form from the site for now. I really don’t need to be reading that sort of crap first thing on a Sunday morning.